W6SDO.COM                                                    SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA USA

This Comet tri-band vertical antenna is
mounted on the deck railing over the
garage just outside of the shack.

Also in this photo is the hand cranked
winch that is used to raise and lower the
45 foot fiberglass flagpole that supports
the OFC Windom and 160 meter wire

The comet antenna has 6 to 9 dBi of gain
so that I can easily reach the local
repeaters using my Kenwood TH-F6
tri-band hand held transceiver. The
antenna will handle 150 watts or so when
I get a more powerful rig for these
frequencies the antenna will be all ready
to go. There is no atmospheric surge
protection on this antenna but I will
probably run a ground braid up to it at
some later date and feed the signal to
the shack through a low power
Alpha-Delta lighting  surge protector.

This antenna provides good entry level
performance and should be adequate
until I get a better radio setup for the VHF
The Kenwood TH-F6 tri-band is connected
to the Comet antenna through a 20 foot long
length of high 18 inch long adapter cable
from Radio Shack interfaces between the
RG-8 cable end and the Kenwood radio.
This short length of small diameter cable
allows the Kenwood to be used just like a
hand held microphone.

Eventually, I would also like to add a 2
meter 8 element cross polarized Yagi that
I can attach to the railing on the deck
above our back porch. Antennas like the
Gulf Alpha 2M-8EL XP have 11 dbd of
forward gain and seem optimum for this
compact mounting location. This antenna
offers both FM antenna will not be visible
from the street view of our lot. This elevation
should be sufficient since this antenna
site would have a clear view of the
repeaters to the east and SSB contacts
which would generally be to the north and

    Last Revised December 10, 2012