W6SDO.COM                                                SAN DIEGO. CALIFORNIA USA
THE SHACK resides in the corner of an
upstairs room of our home. The radio
equipment in the shack includes a Kenwood
TS-590 transceiver, an ICOM IC-7700
transceiver and an Alpha 9500 linear
amplifier. Either of the transceivers can be
switched to a Sounds Sweet loud speaker. A
Yaesu G-800DXA rotor turns the K4KIO hex
beam. The VHF bands are presently covered
by a Kenwood TH-F6 handheld tri-band
connected to a Comet CX-333 vertical
antenna that is attached to the deck railing
just outside the shack. The microphones that
I use are a Heil Pro Elite headset and a
boom mounted Heil PR-40. I also have a
parametric equalizer and compressor that
will be added to the audio chain as soon as
time permits.

Test equipment includes a Tektronix
oscilloscope, Fluke test meter, MFJ-269
SWR analyzer, MFJ-854 RF current meter,
MFJ-802B field strength meter and a
Kenwood grid dip meter.

The operating location desk was built using
a 36 inch wide door that is supported by a
couple of shortened Home Depot kitchen
cabinets. I have added a slide out tray under
the door panel that holds a keyboard, mouse
and pencil tray. A computer sits on the floor
under the desk and feeds a flat screen
monitor that is supported on a wall mounted

In addition, I’m putting together a vintage AM
station that will be built around a Johnson
Ranger II transmitter and a Collins 75A4
receiver that I have recently acquired. The
AM station is going to be assembled onto a
roll around cart that will accommodate the
cramped quarters of the shack.
At the present, I operate mostly on SSB,
CW and AM.  I have recently added PSK31
which is alive with signals on 14.070. I'm
using Fldigi software and a SinalLink USB
sound card box.

The details for each of the antennas that I
have installed at this location and the
reasons behind their selection is described
in the antenna section of this site. The
ground system that I am using is also
described in detail in the ground section.

Now that this web site is up and running
with a few words in each of the sections, I
plan to add some additional data as well
as photos of the shack, the antennas and
the ground system. I'm also thinking about
adding some additional sections about
audio, ergonomics, camouflage and our
big nemesis, urban radio noise.  Maybe I'll
even put up a gallery with some photos of
the kids and pets. Please check in from
time to time to see what's new.
This page was last revised January 16, 2016