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the new Harley trike.  Getting
ready to add a rack on the trunk to
carry various ready-to-fly radio
controlled airplanes. My
quad-copter just fits inside of the
trunk which guarantees a lot of fun
at the local flying field.
These little frogs were just
hatching at the edge of a lake in
the Laguna mountains (during last
year's camping trip). This one  
was about the size of your
thumbnail and would not stop
hopping so that I could get a
picture. I spent at least 20
minutes crawling after him
through the swamp grass until he
got too tired to hop any more.
The white pelicans have returned
Last year there were more than
thirty of these visitors while this
year there have only been fifteen  
so far. These lakes are stocked
with trout so the pelicans can fill
up before they continue their
migration. Photographed  using
spotting scope & Nikon v1.
One of our twin grandkids, Tori,  
on her very best behavior at
Christmas and in her Halloween
makeup. Six years ago when the
twins came along, I was just
getting ready to put a Koi pond
and gazebo in the back yard. In
stead, we now have a two story
play structure there. However,
the play house serves as a
perfect support for the pole that
carries my hex beam. The kids
think that it is lawn art.
Lexie is one of our two dogs,
pictured here in her best
Christmas outfit. She is a very
small Shih Tzu and is almost as
wide as she is long. Therefore
she has acquired the nick name
Cannon Ball. Lexie is definitely
the Alpha dog at our house and
our other dog, Buddy, trails along
behind her wherever she goes.
Wife, Becky, with her new dog,
Buddy. We had gone to the pet
store to get some dog food for
Lexie and he was just waiting for
her (a rescue group was there
with a number of dogs that
needed good homes). Before we
could adopt Buddy, they had to
visit our house to be sure that
we would be suitable parents.
The other twin, Molly, is all
dressed up in her new hat so that
she can to go to high tea in La
Jolla with her mom, grandmother
and sister. Molly also noticed that
we had a good supply of donuts
at our International Lighthouse
and Lightship weekend field day
at the Point Loma Lighthouse.
This qualifies her as a good
candidate for becoming a ham.
This is the QSL card from our
International Lighthouse and
Lightship special event station.
2013 was the first activation for
the Old Point Loma Lighthouse
and 2014 was the second
activation. We plan to be back
again this year.

The history of the lighthouse is
printed on the back of the card.
Check the W6L QRZ page for
the latest information. Click
to see the photos from this event.
Here I am (W6SDO) operating
the W6L special event 40 meter
station during the 2013
Lighthouse weekend. This
remote panel controls my mobile
from either inside or outside the
van and is connected by an 18 ft
long cable. The remote panel
includes the transceiver
controller, power/swr meter,
amplifier control panel and
screwdriver antenna tuning
switch. The rig can be operated
either from the mobile house
batteries or from the van's
A group of ham bicycle riders
meet up and ride around San
Diego area lakes, bays and bike
paths two or three times a week.
We have a great time and the
weather is almost always good.
Here we're stopping for lunch at
a San Diego bay boat
anchorage. I like to ride my bike
mobile along these paths
whenever I can since the salt
water saturated soil seems to
offer better than average signal
launch to far away places.
This is the CONVAIR/220
amateur radio club field day
group in 2013. We had a great
time, made lots of contacts and
ate a lot of good food.
This is one of my favorite cell
was on the sand along the
Mission Bay beach almost at
the water's edge. The back
light from the water was
extremely strong and the
reflections from the waves cut
into the edges of the wedding
party's silhouettes. I was riding
my bike along the bay when I
stopped to take this photo.
They didn't even notice me.
This page was last revised March 2, 2015
Father's day ride with my
daughter Shelley on the trike. We
headed out toward the mountains
and stopped for a late lunch in
Ramona where we found a nice
little antique shop to explore. Had
a great day. Got a box of candy
and some flowers as well. A good
time overall.
Our twin grandchildren, Tori and Molly, celebrated their seventh birthday in our back yard this
year with twenty-four of their friends. They were entertained by a two hour long "
Frozen" show.
Here, they are all throwing a hand full of snow up into the air at the same time (almost).
This is my Aflack duck picture.  
It was taken with my cell phone
at the Santee Lakes.  I ride
bikes with a group of hams at
this lake every Monday and
Friday. This guy is always the
most friendly of all of the ducks
and will eat cracked corn from
your hand. This time he was
taking a close look at my phone.
Emerald Eagle. Emerald was
one of the visitors at our Club's
field day this year. I'm not sure
what they are talking about but
it must have been very
interesting. Emerald was
hungry and asked for a Krispy
Kream donut which he washed
down with a drink of diet 7-up.
You can see other photos of
our 2014 field day by clicking
Becky and a Friend
Tori and her trophy
Our 7 year old twin grand-
daughter Tori just won the
biggest prize of the day at Sea
World this weekend. The task
was to climb a rope to the
ceiling and ring a bell. She
was the only one among all of
the children and adults that
could complete the climb.
Looking at the size of this guy,
I'm sure that Sea World was
not planning to give very many
of these prizes away.
Bob's latest toy
Tori and Molly celebrate being seven years old
White pelicans
Father's day ride
A very small frog
Our twin grandkids
Lexie is the boss
Becky and Buddy
Old Point Loma Lighthouse special event
Our biking group
2013 Field Day
Another cell picture
First annual Convair 220 amateur radio club picnic
The first annual Convair 220
club picnic was held on the
2014 Memorial Day weekend
and was hosted by Mert
(AF6HF) and Bob (W6SDO).
We served 91 hot dogs to 46
club members and their guests.
The number of Tums required
was not recorded.

There was a lot of quality
visiting going on. We even had
a ham station with antenna set
up to demonstrate to visitors as
well as a number of passers by.
Since It was the weekend of the
Indianapolis Speedway special
event station,  our members,
guests and visitors could all
make an actual on-air contact.

If you would like to see photos
from the picnic, just click
Radio Controlled Strato Streak  
This Guillow's Strato Streak balsa model was originally a rubber band powered dime store toy
airplane. It now has radio controlled throttle, ailerons and elevator added and weighs in at 36
grams. It is an excellent flyer and will cruse for 10 minutes using the energy from a lithium
polymer battery that is the size of a stick of gum.
Grandkids and a couple of Friends